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We have developed a new class of epinephrine auto-injector (EAI) with a unique size and shape that is easier to carry and integrates into your life. Contemporary devices are expensive and difficult to carry. Our device changes the game. AdrenaCard is undergoing FDA testing and we are seeking partners to join our community as we work to bring peace of mind to life for severe allergy suffers.

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Food allergies take everything frightening about being a parent an magnify them a million times. I want the peace of mind AdrenaCard offers.

Alice Parent, 33

My philosophy has always been to be as careful as you can and then enjoy yourself. AdrenaCard makes that possible.

Nate Allergy Sufferer, 26

I want to be safe but I feel self-conscious carrying my EpiPen. I can carry this and be myself.

Nigel Allergy Sufferer, 13

Cost and convenience are big issues for my patients. It's reassuring to see a solution that can effectively address both aspects.

Ana Food Counselor

I have more than a dozen students each year who suffer from this issue. It's about time someone made a change. I can see this making a different for those kids.

Wendy School Nurse

The Team

Tyler Ebert

Tyler Ebert

Tyler Ebert is a serial entrepreneur and the co-founder of AdrenaCard. Drawing inspiration from his work as a food counselor and restaurant developer, he serves as CEO overseeing strategy, corporate relations, and fundraising. Mr. Ebert has worked with hundreds of severe allergy sufferers and care providers. He has a strong understanding of their condition and the care ecosystem.

Chris Kuehn

Chris Kuehn

Chris Kuehn is a design-oriented engineer with entrepreneurial flair. He combined his technical background with his passion for medical devices to co-found AdrenaCard. He currently serves as CTO, executing product realization through concept design and validation as well as contract management for both development and manufacturing.

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